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Reviving Massage Brush | Scalp - NØRDEN
Reviving Massage Brush | Scalp - NØRDEN
Reviving Massage Brush | Scalp - NØRDEN
Reviving Massage Brush | Scalp - NØRDEN

Reviving Massage Brush | Scalp



to encourage your hair to grow strong + healthy, our scalp reviving brush stimulates + exfoliates your scalp to improve blood circulation + remove product build-up at the root

often build-up of shampoo + other products contribute to dandruff + roots that never seem revived

MODM's scalp brush, with its silicone massaging teeth, buffs away build-up but also brings new blood flow to the hair follicle, which, in turn, can aid hair to appear thicker + more alive

by exfoliating the scalp, you can also get better absorption of any scalp oils/treatments that you might be using

+ best of all, it feels amazing! our scalp is made up of a a complex mix of muscle, connective tissue + nerve endings

stress often manifests itself here, moving into the neck, shoulders, forehead, eyebrows + jaw

using the scalp reviving brush diffuses tension + can unlock nerve-ending pathways for deep relaxation, clearer thought patterns, or indeed, to invigorate the senses


how to use

we recommend you use your scalp reviving brush once to twice a week on wet hair with either a shampoo to aid lathering, or conditioner

you may also use with an oil on clean, wet hair for therapeutic benefit

the ergonomically-shaped handle allows easy massage on yourself or on someone else

use a pressure that feels right for you, moving in circles starting at the front of the scalp, on the hairline, to the back of the base of the scalp

methodically cover each part of the scalp, taking time over each area where it feels best for you

however, never use over irritated skin, instead, wait until it has healed to resume any exfoliation

made using biodegradable wheat straw (wheat straw contains cellulose + by breaking it down, a new product can be created

the process creates the opportunity to make different kinds of polymers

natural polymers are found in our bodies, like hair and nails

plastic is made from artificial polymers, but polymers created from wheat straw, are completely natural) + recyclable silicone teeth