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Welcome to NØRDEN, a family-owned and independent Nordic concept store nestled in nature at two enchanting locations – North Berwick, Scotland, and Braunton, North Devon. At NØRDEN, we don't just sell homeware and lifestyle collections; we curate an experience that embodies the spirit of the North.

Our Saga:

Founded by a passionate family with a shared love for Nordic design, NØRDEN is more than a store; it's a manifestation of our collective obsession with the timeless elegance and functionality that define the Nordic aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the profound beauty of the North, our concept store is an ode to simplicity, quality, and the enduring spirit of Northern living.

Our NØRDEN Muse:

Meet our muse, the 'spirit of the North.' This muse is not confined to a specific location but resonates within us—a place we carry wherever we go. It's the force that propels us as we navigate through life, spreading Northern stoicism, joy, grit, humor, and hope wherever our journey takes us. This muse infuses every corner of our homeware and lifestyle collections, creating a unique and authentic experience for our customers.


Are you a kindred spirit drawn to the allure of the North? If so, you're not just a customer; you're a NØRDENER, an integral part of our tribe. We invite you to explore the NØRDEN concept store, where you'll find not only carefully curated products but a sense of belonging to a community that appreciates the beauty of Nordic living.

Our Ethos:

At NØRDEN, we're slightly nerdy about design, unapologetically obsessed with the Nordic aesthetic, and deeply committed to sharing the essence of Northern living with the world. Our two sister locations in North Berwick and Braunton serve as hubs of inspiration, each embodying the spirit of the North in its unique way.

Join the Journey:

Embark on a journey with NØRDEN and embrace the Northern spirit within you. Whether you're seeking homeware that reflects simplicity or lifestyle collections that embody the resilience of the North, we invite you to explore our carefully curated offerings. Welcome to the NØRDENER tribe—where the 'spirit of the North' becomes a shared journey, and our concept store becomes a home for those who appreciate the art of living well. 

NØRDEN - Curating the Essence of Northern Living, One Experience at a Time.