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Saffranskorpor Saffron Cookies | Tub - NØRDEN

Saffranskorpor Saffron Cookies | Tub


Nyakers Saffranskorpor – Saffron rusk 350g

Delicous little ‘crusts’ (would be the true translations of these ‘skorpor’) little biscuits – flavoured with real saffron. Perfect with a cup of coffee.

NOTE | this is a very fragile product that is highly likely to break during transport. We recommend getting a refill of biscuits if it is for a present – we are unable to guarantee the state of the biscuits when they arrive. 

We are aware of the issue but there is nothing else we can do to stop it happening than what we already do. This is due to the tins of loose biscuits being transported by courier to and from the shop or to your home. The reason we still stock these biscuits is simply because most buy them for the tin (and fill up with additional packs).

We will not refund for breakages on this item.