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MODM Mini Body Renewal Balm - Grapefruit +Seagrass 50g - NØRDEN

Mini Body Balm | Grapefruit +Seagrass


MODM Mini Body Renewal Balm Grapefruit + Seagrass *(sold in set of6)* introducing our award-winning body balm, a deeply replenishing + easily-absorbed natural blend that will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, + nourished our body balm is made with only the finest natural ingredients, carefully hand blended in Scotland in small batches the all-natural formula contains a unique blend of shea butter, evening primrose oil, watermelon seed oil, + essential oils shea butter improves skin elasticity suppleness, boosts collagen production, promotes skin cell regeneration evening primrose oil aids in healing + revives fatigued skin watermelon seed oil is rich in antioxidants, which protect + nourish the skin our body balm is designed to deeply moisturise + nourish your skin