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Plywood Tree Set | Cutout - NØRDEN

Plywood Tree Set | Cutout


A simple and stylish set of three trees with our scandi folk design. Each set will comprise of three trees in large, medium and small respectively. The perfect addition to your own home, Christmas decor or as a gift for family. We think a few of these sets grouped together along the length of a dining table or sideboard would look terrific. Perfect for Christmas either as your Christmas tree for this season (great for small spaces where a full tree would not be suitable) or as a table decoration. Travelling for Christmas? Take one of these gorgeous sets with you, they arrive flat and simply need slotting together. Designed and made with love in our Hampshire workshop. Dimensions: (large) w11.5 x h22.5 x d11.5cm (medium) w10 x h20 x d10cm (small) w7.5 x h15 x d7.5cm (INCHES) (large) w4.52 x h8.8 x d4.52in (medium) w3.93 x h7.87 x d3.93in (small) w2.95 x h5.90 x d2.95in.