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Photographic Art Print | The Birds, the Bass + the Beast - NØRDEN

Photographic Art Print | The Birds, the Bass + the Beast


The Birds, The Bass & The Beast Print - Goodbye 1979 Photography Print

Milsey Bay, North Berwick, February 2018.

Scotland was in the grip of the Beast From The East storm. For three days sub zero temperatures, thick snow showers and high winds battered the entire country relentlessly. On day 2 of the storm I found myself confronted by one of the single most chaotic scenes I’ve ever tried to capture. Complete sensory overload. Frigid winds laced with ice cold sea spray nipped at the skin. The sea by now was manic and churning, filling the air with the deafening roar from its relentless pounding waves and the sky filled with desperate, hungry, screaming gulls. The intensity never let up even for a second. To try to make sense of it all was almost impossible. After three hours I managed to get this image, the gulls forming a perfect arc around The Bass Rock as waves crashed into The Leithies sending plumes of water 20-30 feet into the air. One of the hardest, coldest and by a long way best photographic experiences I’ve had so far.