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Reuseable Filtering Facemask | White
Reuseable Filtering Facemask | White
Reuseable Filtering Facemask | White
Reuseable Filtering Facemask | White
Reuseable Filtering Facemask | White


Reuseable Filtering Facemask | White


Effective FFP2 filtration*

Effective FFP2 filtration* as well as >99,9% less adhesion and proliferation of bacteria

All layers of the mask are produced with the patented Parx Materials SaniconcentrateTM. This means that all layers are protected against bacteria adhesion and bacterial growth, through the processing of your body’s own trace element. Up to 99.9% fewer bacteria on the surface in 24hrs.

Washable at 60oC with a normal wash cycle. The mi-FACEMASK® can be used time and time again maintaining performance without deformation.

Available in 3 different sizes

Optimal and comfortable fit with an internal nose clip, available in 3 different sizes to suit children & adults.

  • Small - A: 19cm  B: 12cm
  • Medium - A: 21.5cm B: 13cm
  • Large - A: 23.5cm B: 14.5cm

4 Layer Hygienic Mask

  1. High Density Weave-Water Blocking and Water Repellent Function: Blocks 90% of the aerosols and splashes; Made with Parx Materials SaniconcentrateTM: Prevents bacteria adhesion and proliferation.
  2. Double electrostatic meltblown cloth layer, absorbs micron aerosols and dust. Dust absorption and filtration is more than 95% and the bacteria filtration is more than 99%, Made with Parx Materials SaniconcentrateTM
  3. Woven fabric with honeycomb structure: Increases exhaust efficency,is hypoallergenic and skin friendly: Due to the siphon effect of the fibre cloth, sweat on the face is quicky removed, Made with Parx SaniconcentrateTM prevents bacteria adhesion and growth and makes the contact of the face hygienic.

Choose a re-usable mask and protect the NHS and Health Services by not buying the single-use FFP2 masks they desperately need.

  • Our masks are expected to last 12 months potentially saving you £240 a year - However, the hygienic technology never runs out
  • Example - 180+ days usage
    70p* disposable mask = £126 per users every 6 months - *average price of a basic disposable mask.
    8.3p per day with the Medium or Large mi-FACEMASK
    6.7p per day with the Small mi-FACEMASK
  • Note: Our mi-FACEMASK is a Non-Returnable Hygiene Product.
    Please make sure that you have checked sizes before purchasing. We cannot accept returns.