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Ceramic Mask Bowl | Pearl White - NØRDEN

Ceramic Mask Bowl | Pearl White



Winner - Editor's Choice at the Beauty Short List Awards 2021
the MODM white jade sculpting stone is perfect for performing easy DIY facial massage for vital, contoured, glowing skin

made with white jade, the stone renowned for promoting a sense of serenity, healing + peace, our sculpting stone has added comb edges for micro-stimulating different areas of the face, for irrigating stagnant lymph flow, which can cause puffiness + congestion, + for aiding in the softening of fine lines

combined with smooth undulating edges for lifting muscle + pressure point release, this versatile tool is suitable for everyone

*note these are hand made from natural stone so may vary in shape and colour

how to use

- start with clean skin + a clean massage tool - this is very important otherwise you will be more prone to breakouts

- apply 5-6 drops of MODM Vitamin Repair Oil to the face, neck + décolleté

- for the best effects, perform each movement at least 5 times, the more the better

- for drainage, use a light pressure at a flat to 45 degree angle

- for lifting + releasing tension, you can be firmer

- always begin your routine using a curved edge from behind the ear to the collarbone, using light stroking movements

- this wakens the lymphatic system, allowing for better drainage from elsewhere on the face

- move to the submental nodes under the chin

- then to the submandibular area out towards the ear, defining the jaw

- using the long comb edge, lift from the lower jaw up to the cheekbone 

- turn to the curve edge at the nose + under the cheekbone for deep pressure point release, then glide out towards the ear to drain + contour

- use the same movement at the sinus and eye area

- for extra drainage under the eye, use the shorter comb edge with a light pressure, supporting the delicate skin with your other hand

- to soften + stimulate collagen production here, turn this comb edge to a right angle, perpendicular to the line

- use a soft pressure, gently see-sawing over fine lines

- comb up over the temple, lifting from the brow up over the forehead + into the scalp

- again, turning to the shorter comb edge, use the see-saw movement over lines

- drain from the centre of the forehead out to the temple

- follow the same routine on the other side

- for stimulating + softening the lip line, apply MODM Conditioning Lip Oil, turn the tool to the short comb edge, softly using the see-saw motion

- finally, moving to the décolleté, use the long comb edge to gently stroke from the top of the sternum out towards the underarm

- after completing your massage ritual, clean the stone with a gentle non-detergent soap, keeping it in a safe place

to re-energise, place the stone in moonlight (not in sunlight) or near a green plant