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Rock Salt Refill | Persian Blue
Rock Salt Refill | Persian Blue
Rock Salt Refill | Persian Blue
Rock Salt Refill | Persian Blue

Rock Salt Refill | Persian Blue


rivsalt which means grated salt in Swedish, is a gastronomic experience and a new way of adding salt to food.   Natural himalayan salt is grated onto the dish with a stainless steel grater of highest quality. the salt and grater become centerpiece of the dining table when placed in the accompanying desk stand made from untreated natural oak.

persian blue rock salt is the rarest and most exclusive salt. It’s ideal for seafood, salads, French cuisine, and truffles. The taste is initially quite present before it changes and becomes mild with a silky-smooth sweetness. Highly popular with children for some reason! Persian blue salt is extracted from a salt mine in northern Iran. The intriguing blue color occurs during the forming of the salt’s crystalline structure, as intense pressure is exerted on the salt deposits. The individual crystals fracture the light in an unusual way creating an optical illusion that makes the salt appear more or less shimmering blue.

Refill comes with three amazing salt rocks. Total weight of all the salt is about 140 grams.

highly flavoured with lasting spicy heat over a mild mineral body

ideal for seasoning meat and fish, as well as vegetables

> 98.63% NaCl, 0.08% Ca, <0.05% Mg, 0.65% SO4, 0.1 mg iodine, 2.38 ppm zinc, 3500mg potassium, moisture: 0.04%